10 question marks in one piece of writing

They say, behind every great man there’s a great woman, and this could be easily applied to other types of a partnership. What I mean is that there is a Dr Watson behind every successful Sherlock, and Frodo wouldn’t have completed his mission without Sam, and Don Quixote could’ve died a dozen of times had it not been for Sancho.

Even the bravest and cleverest and most inventive need a friendly ear, a shoulder to cry on, somebody to tolerate their whims and bursts of temper and whatever else they might throw. Heroes need their admirers.

While top dogs’ position is pretty clear, their minor partners’ reasonings are not that obvious. Why do people condemn themselves to serving? Too insecure to find their own way? Seek for a cosy shelter? Desire to belong to something significant they would slingshot otherwise?

Ok, but there are betas who are no less gifted and with the potential of their own. Why do they put all their time and energy to cherish and support their alpha, regardless their own needs?

What is it, a sheer luck to find a likeminded somebody, loyal and unselfish enough to be satisfied with position number two? A successful combination of inferiority and superiority complexes stemmed from childhood? Or a mutually beneficial “pretty girl — ugly girl” tandem, where one appears even more victorious while the other gets a few crumbs of covetable attention?

What makes us main characters in the book of our life? What makes us sidekicks?

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