Taking Part in Creative Writing Projects

Inna MolchanovaLast winter I sank my teeth into writing as a participant of an event. Three reasons why:

Actually, I’d concocted and launched my first #letswrite_withinna long before I got to know about Irina’s Creative Writing Projects (great minds 😉). Well, something’s gone wrong, and 💫 Inna’s Writing club at that moment was just a few people, who kindly refused to take the refund, even after I’d announced the break. So, yes, I was looking for inspiration.

You’ve got to be ace at what you teach. I teach writing. Logically, writing in English on a regular basis is one of #my_new_year_resolutions.

Finally, being painfully insecure by nature, I wholeheartedly admire the brave and the confident. Once, writing a comment under Irina’s post, I made a point that English exams palsied me with fear (speaking tests in particular). Irina’s reply was something like, “I do exams just for the thrill of it, and because they keep me on my toes.” Might such attitudes be contagious?

Well, the project fully met my expectations and I enjoyed every moment of it immensely. Now I’m eager to share my creative pieces with you, one by one, so please follow my posts.

BTW, another Creative Writing Marathon of mine is coming, will keep you in the loop)))

😉 “great minds” is just a contraction, the full saying goes, “Great minds think alike”. Hilarious, isn’t it? In Russian fools think alike, in English great minds)))

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