29.04.2020. Twenty Days after Mum

Does stress cause temporary alterations in our perception or just reveal the alter ego of ours?

I’m known to be a rather well-balanced person, quite conventional, and definitely far from being eccentric. I do not wear flamboyant clothes and generally do nothing to be conspicuous.

Yet, about eight years ago, when we moved into our house, I did something that nobody had ever expected from me. I was so wildly excited, that literally couldn’t tolerate anything quiet, mild or moderate, so I painted my living room into deep blue marine. Then followed the hall, which got covered with rich fuschia. Naturally, my choice of colours shocked the whole community of friends and relatives.

You might say that it was a positive stress, vivid emotions required bright surroundings…

Strangely enough, my recent long-term and painful, totally negative stress affected me exactly the same way!

To cut the long story short, I decided to redecorate my study, where mum had spent her last torturous months. I was balancing on the stepladder, struggling to hold a bunch of tools in my hands, under my armpits and even under the chin when I heard a quiet gasp behind me. I turned my hear to find my husband and daughter standing in the doorway utterly dumbfolded, with their mouths open, staring at the bloody-red wallpaper. Finally, the daughter managed to murmur something which can be roughly translated into English like “creativish”…

P.S. I told them, “Don’t freak out, it’s just one wall out of four…”


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