January 2021. Creative piece 1

Dear Ms Smith!

Let me begin with the expression of my heartfelt gratitude for your tolerance and humanity. You are the kindest and most remarkable teacher I have ever had. I know your heart of gold won’t let you reveal your righteous anger and exclude me from the project, despite my reprehensible consistency in breaking deadlines.

Yes, I have broken yet another one, but through no fault of my own!
You might feel the urge to remind me my most reсent promise not to concoct lame excuses anymore
(though I swear to God, never in my life have I made up a story! I did witness a UFO landing, which caused a kind of magnetic resonance and thus nearly killed my laptop. You refused to believe me then, but it took me a week and all my savings to restore it.

Since then my files have been disappearing and showing up again in the most inexplicable way. That was the reason why I wasn’t able to demonstrate my project last week (and, I must admit it, deserved a fish eye you gave me).

The last assignment brought me to the state of utter delight. I was overwhelmed with a genuine intention to prove me worthy. Billion ideas swirled in my head like a swarm of busy bees. Day in and day out was I collecting and sorting out data, making notes and poking around in piles of pictures, anticipating the last evening before the deadline to take my pleasure in putting everything together, composing my presentation and picking images to accompany it.

Alas, they were vain hopes. Trivia ruined great empires, my big plans happened to be destroyed by a stupid power cutoff. Sheer bad luck, but there was no way I could proceed in that total darkness.

My frustration is beyond belief. I can’t say how awfully sorry I am for letting you down, again.

This will never be repeated (yes, I’m saying it anew).

Yours most respectfully,
J. A.

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