«Jackie didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.»

In June 2020 I launched my first creative writing project. Here is one of the tasks:

Your story must begin with this sentence:

«Jackie didn’t know whether to laugh or cry

It must include direct speech.

Well, here my story goes!

a piece of creative writing

Jackie didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She was staring helplessly at the empty chocolate box on her laps. Surely, she couldn’t have eaten them all!!! Or she could?…

Steve was becoming increasingly difficult as the Day X was getting closer. She could all but hear him shrilling, “Oh gosh! How could you! You’ve promised!”

And so she had. She was… mmm.. a bit plump. Actually, she’d been plump as long as she could remember, but Steve was obsessed with the idea of the ideal wedding, where absolutely everything should be flawless. The decorations, the flowers, the reception… and the dresses, all bought in impressive advance, matching in styles and colours. The picture would be perfect!

Her dress didn’t fit, not just a tiny bit, and that was the problem. Eric the designer couldn’t be booked at short notice, so the only way out was to go on a slimming diet.

“Well, it’s time you started being mature and sensible”, she told herself, “Life without sweets can’t be worse than spoiling the meticulously planned celebration. I will not deprive him that way”.

She acquired a season ticket to the nearest gym and refused even to smell cakes. She did try and was even making progress… until today. What would she do when he found out how irresponsible she was, having devoured the forbidden fruit!

Suddenly she heard rapid steps, her eyes scanned the room in desperate search of a secret place to hide the embarrassing evidence of her crime. There was none.

“I’m done”, was her last thought.

“Mum!”, called Steve. “I bring you good tidings! Look, I’ve bought you a new dress!”


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